COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 has added a new layer of opportunities and challenges for individuals and businesses. At Anfinson Thompson, we strive to help our clients understand. If you find yourself with additional questions beyond the resources we have here, give us a call and let us help you.


Minnesota Covid-19 Tax Refunds Have Begun

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has confirmed the processing of returns impacted by recent tax changes for those who collected unemployment insurance compensation and Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness.

PPP and unemployment

PPP and Unemployment Updates

The 2021 tax bill was signed. Details of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), unemployment compensation and more coming soon.

delayed tax refunds

Delayed Tax Refunds Insight

Have you filed your 2020 federal taxes and still have not received your refund? Millions of Americans are experiencing delayed tax refunds.


How the Tax Season Looks Different This Year Due to COVID-19

Frequently asked questions for tax season 2020 procedures at Anfinson Thompson & Company, P.A.


I usually have an appointment each year. Am I still going to be able to meet with my preparer?

Yes! We are still meeting with clients for tax appointments this year. We’ve outlined below the types of appointments we have available.

  • Remote Appointment - Phone Call – We will call you after the return is complete to go over the results and discuss potential strategy for next year.

  • Remote Appointment - Online Meeting using Zoom – This appointment is utilizing technology using the Zoom application. Zoom is very easy to use and allows you to interact with your tax preparer as if you were in person. This does require you to have access to the internet and a smart phone, tablet or computer with a camera and microphone. We are also able to share our computer screen with you so we can show you the results rather than just talking about them.

  • Traditional In-Person Appointment – This is the appointment that we have historically used. This time will be used to review your information, answer any questions you may have and if requested, a follow up phone call will be made to inform you of the results. This appointment will be limited to no more than 20 minutes.


I usually drop-off my return for processing, can I still do that?

Yes! We are still accepting drop-off returns. Please let us know if you would like to make an appointment with a tax professional to review your return.


What options do I have for dropping off my tax information?

We have multiple options for you to get us your tax information. We’ve listed those options below:

  • Drop Box – We encourage you to drop off your information using the drop box available near the front entrance of most locations. If a drop box is not available, please wear a mask when entering our lobby to drop-off your information at the front desk.
  • Online Client Portal – Our secure online client portal can be used to upload scanned images of your tax documents. We can also send you your tax return in an electronic format using this same method. If you wish to be setup for a portal account, please contact our office.
  • Email – You can email your tax documents to your preparer. However, this is NOT SECURE. Traditional emails are never secure and we do not recommend sending sensitive data, such as social security numbers and financial information, by email. If you choose to send your data by email, you take the risk of potentially having your information used in a fraudulent manner.
  • Fax – You can still fax your information. This is a secure way to send your data. Remember that any information that is on colored paper will not come through a fax clearly nor will anything that is in light type or handwriting.
  • Mail – You can mail your information. We would suggest keeping copies of your tax documents before mailing as, occasionally, the US Postal Service does misplace mail. We encourage you talk to your post office to see what other options are available to ensure your documents are delivered.

If I drop-off my information, what happens if I’m missing information or the preparer has questions?

When we’ve worked through your information, we will compile a list of items that are missing from your return and any questions we have. We will then reach out to you by phone or email with those items. We encourage you to provide an email address as it’s an easy way for us to provide you a missing item list that you can refer back to.


When my return is complete, what options do I have to sign and pick-up a copy?

This year we have multiple options available. To limit the number of people coming into our office, we strongly suggest you consider using an online option if possible.

  • Client Portal – A copy of the tax return and the signature documents would be uploaded on our secure online client portal. You would need to sign the signature documents and send the signed copies back to us either by uploading to the portal or using any one of the drop-off options listed in question 3.
  • DocuSign E-signature – Your tax return is sent to you by secure encrypted email using an online platform called DocuSign. You will be automatically prompted where to sign and will be able to submit the documents back to us with a click of the button. A copy of the tax return will be sent along with the signature documents so you can review the return before signing.
  • Mail – We can mail your return to you, however, additional postage fees will apply. You would sign the flagged signature documents and send them back to us using any of the options listed in question 3.
  • In-person - Pick-up and sign at our office.

I have tax payments due with my return or estimate payments that need to be paid, how do I make these payments?

Vouchers are included with your return for any payments that are due. Checks can be mailed by the due dates listed in the letter attached with your tax return. Otherwise, electronic payments can be made using the following websites:


How can I pay my bill to Anfinson Thompson & Co.?

When you return is complete, we do require payment at the time the return is picked up. We accept cash, check or credit card. If you have received your return in an electronic format, you can mail us a check or visit our website at and click “pay my bill” at the top of the screen to pay by credit card. You can also call any of our offices to have a credit card processed over the phone.

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